What's Christianity All About? book

What's Christianity All About? book


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This 250-page book was written by John Schwarz (below) and carries commendations from the following scholars and others:
    •    N. T. (Tom) Wright, professor of NT, University of Saint Andrews, Scotland
    •    J. I. Packer, professor of theology, Regent College
    •    Tony Campolo, professor emeritus, Eastern College
    •    John Ortberg, senior pastor, Menlo Park Presbyterian Church
    •    John Stott, former rector emeritus, All Souls Church, London
    •    Leighton Ford, Leighton Ford Ministries
    •    Patrick Keifert, president, Church Innovations Institute
    •    Tim Stafford, senior writer, Christianity Today
    •    Jerry White, president emeritus, The Navigators
    •    Sarah Henrich, professor of New Testament, Luther Seminary
    •    Cain Hope Felder, professor of New Testament, Howard University School of Divinity
    •    Jeff Pope, board of trustees, Young Life
    •    Thom Winninger, Catholic deacon
    •    Ward Gasque, co-founder, Regent College
    •    Joel Jennings, Christian businessman

The following quote by Tom Wright is typical of those offering commendations:
"What's Christianity All About? provides a good overview of the Bible and the biblical story, offers a brief sketch of the history of Christianity, sets forth important Christian beliefs, suggests ways for Christians to deepen their faith, and offers some guidelines for Christian living. For those serious about Christianity and the desire to understand it better, this book is a good place to begin.
Chapter Titles and Content
1. The Story and Message of the BibleThe OT, NT and the Apocrypha; the Theme and Message of the Bible; the Formation and Translations of the Bible; Revelation, Inspiration and Authority; Reading the Bible; Six Popular Versions/Translations.

2. The Hebrew ScripturesThe Pentateuch; the Prologue; Abraham; Moses; the Rise and Fall of Israel; the Voice and Message of the Prophets; the Wisdom and Devotional Literature; Judaism and Christianity.

3. The World, Life and Ministry of JesusThe Intertestamental Period; the House of Herod; the First-century World of Jesus; Jesus' Birth, Ministry, Baptism, Disciples, Mission, Death and Resurrection; the Names and Titles of Jesus.

4. The Gospel Testimonies to JesusThe Gospels: Then and Now; the Four Canonical Gospels; the Historical Jesus; the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John; the Gospels: Four Stories, One Jesus

5. Paul and The Outward MovementThe Early Church; Paul's Life, Writings and Theology; Galatians; Romans; the Corinthian Correspondence; the Prison and Pastoral Letters; Hebrews and the General Letters; the Book of Revelation.

6. A Brief History of ChristianityThe Patristic Period; the Papacy and the Middle Ages; the Fourfold Protestant Reformation; the Catholic Counter-Reformation; the Enlightenment; Christian Missions to all the World; Christianity in America.

7. Christian Theology and BeliefsChristian Theism; God: All-mighty and All-loving; the Creation of the Universe and Life; Sin: the Human Predicament; Jesus: Lord and Savior; the Holy Spirit; The Church: Marks, Sacraments and Polity; The End Times.

8. Other Religions and BeliefsHinduism and Buddhism; Other Eastern Religions; Islam; Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses and Other New Religious Movements; Scientology and Other Non-Christian Sects; the New Age Movement.

9. Prayer, Study, Service and EvangelismGrowing in Christ Through Prayer, Study and Service; the Seven Deadly Sins; Christian Apologetics; the Message and Mechanics of Evangelism; Pascal's Wager.

10. Biblical Guidelines for Christian LivingThe Christian Worldview; the Ten Commandments; the Beatitudes and Sermon on the Mount; Four of Jesus' Parables; Jesus' Seven “I am Sayings; Developing “Habits of Godly Living.

About The Author

John Schwarz has academic degrees in business management and law and spent his working life in the corporate business world. He also has a Master's in Christian Studies from Regent College, an international school of theology in Vancouver, British Columbia. Schwarz took early retirement and went to Kenya, where he taught business classes in a Christian college, taught the Bible in an indigenous African Pentecostal church in a large slum, and started a school in another slum.
Schwarz's other books include A Handbook of the Christian Faith, which has been translated into seven foreign languages; Living Faith: A Guide to the Christian Life, a study guide for a 10-part DVD series featuring Tom Wright called “Living Faith: Exploring the Essentials of Christianity; and Why Do You Believe That?, a conversation with a Catholic scholar and writer.

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