Jesus of the New Testament and Judaism

Jesus of the New Testament and Judaism


Amy-Jill Levine, Professor of New Testament Studies at Vanderbilt Divinity School.

Dr. Levine describes herself as a "Yankee Jewish Feminist who teaches at a predominantly Protestant seminary in the buckle of the Bible Belt." She has a thorough understanding of the New Testament and reveals new insights that Christians often miss. She says "I like Jesus a lot" but wants Christians to recognize the anti-Jewish rhetoric contained in some of the books of the New Testament. DVD

  1. Anti-Jewish Implications of New Testament Studies (60 min.)

  2. Jesus' Legacy for Church and Synagogue -- Where We Can Agree and Disagree (61 min.)
  3. Jesus' sexual Ethics (52 min.)

*Archival Series: vintage material of excellent content and varying technical quality

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