Confronting Death with Walt Wangerin

Confronting Death with Walt Wangerin


"You and I sooner or later are going to experience what comes to all people, we are going to experience dying. But there is a difference between us and the world—the world looks away from that fact and tries to hide it as much as possible—but we as faithful people have the power and ability to look death straight in the eye and understand it."


Coming from his own experiences of living with life-threatening cancer, Walter Wangerin speaks directly from the heart in this poignant and instructional 5 session DVD. He speaks about how cancer has changed his life and how his faith has sustained and prepared him to face death itself.


But Confronting Death is not for the Christian idealist; it is for every Christian, as we learn how to be different from the world: by learning to look forward to the world to come without dismissing our responsibilities here and now.


This compelling teaching explains how Christ is victorious over death. Excellent for Sunday school classes, study groups, equipping caregivers who do visitation ministry, hospice, and working with those who are grieving or having to face death.


Drawing from his own recent experience with cancer, Wangerin explores:


  • Discovering serious illness
  • Caring for the one who is not sick
  • How do we handle the pain
  • Confronting the dying itself

1hour DVD; discussion questions and an activity for each of the sessions is included.

Walter Wangerin, Jr., is the award-winning author of thirty-five books, including the best-selling The Book of God; the National Book Award-winning The Book of the Dun Cow; and, I am My Grandpa's Enkelin, a children's book.  Wangerin holds the Jochum Chair at Valparaiso University.

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