The Church's Mission in a Scientific Age

The Church's Mission in a Scientific Age


Six Lectures by two of the finest scholars in the field of science and religion.

Ted Peters, Professor of Systematic Theology, Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary,
Berkeley, CA; George Murphy, Pastoral Associate, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Akron, OH
and adjunct faculty, Trinity Lutheran Seminary, Columbus, OH. Pastor Murphy's PhD is in
physics from John Hopkins University.

1. Science & Faith: Friends or Foes?
2. The Theology of the Cross as the the Context for Theology-Science Dialogue
3. The Evolution Controversy: What Are They Really Fighting About?
4. Divine Action, Science, & Cosmology
5. The Cloning and Stem Cell Controversies: The Church & Public Policy
6. Dealing with Science & Technology in Ministry.

Textbook: Evolution from Creation to New Creation: Conflict, Conversation and Convergence, Ted Peters & Martinez Hewlett [Click here to purchase]

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