The Book of Concord for Pastoral Ministry

The Book of Concord for Pastoral Ministry


Timothy Wengert, Professor of Reformation History at Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia and an editor of the new revised Book of Concord.

The Book of Concord may be one of the most neglected resources for parish ministry on a Lutheran pastor's bookshelf. These five sessions encourage pastors and lay professionals to take a new look at the Lutheran Confessions, useful not only for their doctrinal content but for their pastoral wisdom. ( The Tappert edition of the text would also be suitable, though references in the lectures will be made to the new edition.)

Textbook: The Book of Concord, Kolb/Wengert  [Click here to purchase]

  1. The Augsburg Confession: How to Preach and Pray (40 min.)
  2. The Small Catechism: Confessing the Faith as a Form of Teaching (43 min.)
  3. The Large Catechism: Ministering to Inactives (38 min.)
  4. The Apology: Defending the Faith with Style (32 min.)
  5. Formula of Concord: Dealing with Church Conflict (33 min.)

*Archival Series: vintage material of excellent content and varying technical quality

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