Completeing Candidacy

Core Curriculum for those who entered candidacy under the Associates in Ministry roster.
Those who entered candidacy under the Associate in Ministry roster may be able complete their studies using Select Learning courses to fulfill their requirements of 20 credit hours of foundational course work in theology.  These courses are produced under the direction of the Domestic Mission unit of the ELCA and may fulfill the requirements for certification.  Talk with your synod Candidacy Committee before you register for online courses or establish a local study group using the Select Learning material.  The following courses have been approved for use:
-    Introduction to the Old Testament  (3 credits)
-    Introduction to the New Testament (3 credits)
-    Systematic Theology: Fundamentals of Christian Theology (3 credits)
-    Getting Down to Basics: Augsburg Confession and Small Catechism (3 credits)
-    Lutheran Heritage (3 credits) (A combination of the courses Reformation Roots and "We Must Plant the Church": The Story of Lutherans in America.)
-    From Jesus to Luther (3 credits)
-    The American Religious Experience (3 credits)
-    Foundations of Biblical Preaching (3 credits)
Not in a required category but recognized for credit:

-Ethics in a Lutheran Perspective (3 credits)
-Teaching the Bible, Hosting the Conversation (2 credits)

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