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This series was created by Luther Seminary from the conferences called "In the Company of Preachers" held 2007 through January 2012. Each set of podcasts includes  presentations on the topic listed as well as sample sermons related to that topic.
This collection of sermons offers preachers both a continuing education element and an invitation to be renewed in their own faith and ministry through the preaching of others.

Luther Seminary biblical preaching faculty and guests provide teaching comments, paired with sermons that reflect the theme. All of the sermons were preached during Luther Seminary's daily worship in the Chapel of the Incarnation.

Closing the Sermon (Jan. 2008)

While is important to start a sermon well, a good beginning doesn't amount to much if you don't finish what you began. And yet the sermon's closing is decidedly different from a conclusion or summary that wraps up a matter. Preachers should not expect to have the last word - for we preach a living word that extends beyond the preaching moment. The best sermon closings bring the sermon to a clear stopping place, while inviting the hearers to finish the sermon in their lives as God's people in the world.
Teaching Comments:
David Lose, Karoline Lewis


Preaching the Old Testament (Oct. 2007)

Why do we preach on the Old Testament less frequently than the New? What discourages us from drawing on its riches for our task of proclamation? The Old Testament needs to be shared from the pulpit, for it is a vital piece of the story that tells us who we are and who God is.


Opening the Sermon (July 2007)

This first edition of “In the Company of Preachers” explores the importance of opening a sermon well. These opening moments of a sermon are a critical time of first impressions: you have the opportunity to gain a hearing from your listeners, engage their imaginations, and enlist them as active participants in the sermon.

Join Luther Seminary homiletics professors David Lose and Carol Miles as they explore how opening the sermon is distinct from simply introducing the sermon.
Teaching Comments:

   1. David Lose & Carol Miles



Effective Use of Story (July 2010)

Join Karoline Lewis, David Lose and Rolf Jacobson for a roundtable discussion on the effective use of story in preaching. Listen to sermons by David Tiede, Gloria Roach Thomas, Karoline Lewis and Rolf Jacobson and spark your preaching imagination.
 1. The Effective Use of Story - Round Table Discussion - Karoline Lewis, David Lose,Rolf Jacobson
  2. Round Table Discussion Continued
  3. Sermons Introduction/ David Tiede, Matthew 4:12-22
  4. Gloria Roach Thomas, Mark 1:9-15
  5. Rolf Jacobson, Mark 2:18-22


Preaching and Imagination (June 2011)

Join Mary Hinkle Shore, Karoline Lewis and David Lose for a roundtable discussion on preaching and imagination. Listen to sermons by David Lose, Steve Paulson, Karoline Lewis and Mary Hinkle Shore and be inspired to take your sermons in new, imaginative directions.
  1. Preaching Resurrection - Teaching Comments - Mary Hinkle Shore, Karoline Lewis, David Lose
  2. Teaching Comments Continued
  3. David Lose, Leviticus 3:6-16
  4. Steve Paulson, Matthew 8:5-13
  5. Mary Hinkle Shore, Acts 12:1-19
  6. Karoline Lewis, Mark 12:38-44


Preaching Stewardship (Oct. 2010)

Join Rolf Jacobson, Eric Barreto and Mary Sue Dreier for a roundtable discussion on preaching stewardship. Sermons by Gary Langness, Glenn Taibl and Tania Haber will prime the pump for your sermon preparation as you consider this perennial topic.

  1. Preaching Stewardship - Round Table Discussion - Rolf Jacobson, Eric Barreto, Mary Sue Dreier
  2. Round Table Discussion Continued
  3. Sermons Introduction/ Gary Langness, Mark 12:41-44
  4. Glenn Taibl, Luke 14:25-33
  5. Tania Haber, Psalm 116/Closing Remarks


Where Do Good Sermons Come From? (April 2010)

Join Karoline Lewis, David Lose, Matt Skinner and Mary Shore for a roundtable discussion on the question: Where do good sermons come from? Then listen to sermons by Anna Carter Florence, Thomas Long, Matt Skinner and Karoline Lewis.


Preaching on the Edge (January 2012)

The Winter 2012 issue of In the Company of Preachers features a conversation on the topic of preaching on the edge with Profs. David Lose, Karoline Lewis and Mary Hinkle Shore. Following the roundtable discussion are four sermons with preached at the 2011 Celebration of Biblical Preaching, delivered in the Chapel of the Incarnation at Luther Seminary.



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