In the Company of Preachers podcasts

This series was created by Luther Seminary from the conferences called "In the Company of Preachers" held 2007 through January 2012. Each set of podcasts includes  presentations on the topic listed as well as sample sermons related to that topic.
This collection of sermons offers preachers both a continuing education element and an invitation to be renewed in their own faith and ministry through the preaching of others.

Luther Seminary biblical preaching faculty and guests provide teaching comments, paired with sermons that reflect the theme. All of the sermons were preached during Luther Seminary's daily worship in the Chapel of the Incarnation.

Preaching Advent (November 2011)

Join Karoline Lewis, Dirk Lange and Sarah Henrich for a conversation on preaching Advent. Listen to sermons on Advent texts by Marc Kolden, Nancy Koester, James Boyce and Kathryn Schifferdecker.

  1. Teaching Comments by Karoline Lewis, Dirk Lange and Sarah Henrich
  2. Sermon by Marc Kolden on Romans 13:8-14
  3. Sermon by Nancy Koester on Mark 13:24-37
  4. Sermon by James Boyce on Philippians 1:3-11
  5. Sermon by Kathryn Schifferdecker on Luke 1:39-55


Preaching the Law (July 2008)

The law-gospel distinction is at the core of the Lutheran understanding of theology, Scripture, and preaching. But what do we really mean by “preaching the law”? Join Rolf Jacobson and David Lose as they explore preaching the law as an act of telling the truth.
Teaching Comments:

   1. Law/Gospel distinction
   2. Purpose of preaching the law
   3. Preaching as truth telling
   4. Making sense of scripture and life
   5. The danger of making this a wooden exercise



Preaching the Resurrection (January 2011)

Join Craig Koester, Karoline Lewis and David Lose for a roundtable discussion on preaching the resurrection. Listen to sermons by Craig Koester, Karoline Lewis, David Tiede and Mary Hinkle Shore for fresh insights on how to preach the resurrection.
 1. Preaching Resurrection - Teaching Comments - Craig Koester, Karoline Lewis, David Lose
  2. Teaching Comments Continued
  3. Teaching Comments Continued
  4. Teaching Comments Continued
  5. Craig Koester, Luke 24:13
  6. Karoline Lewis, John 21:15-19, portions of 7:13-16:29


Preaching Lent (Jan. 2010)

Lent is one of the most important seasons of the church year, yet preachers struggle with ways to make it new and meaningful for their congregation. Join David Lose, Karoline Lewis and Matt Skinner as they explore the Biblical texts for Lent and how to make it fresh.
 1. Introduction
  2. Reflections on Preaching in Lent
  3. The Season of Lent - Preaching and Worship
  4. David Lose, Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21
  5. Tim Westermeyer, Matthew 4:1-11
  6. Meta Carlson, 1 Chronicles 21:1-19
  7. Dirk Lange, 2: Timothy 4:1-5


Preaching to the Next Generation (Oct. 2009)

Every generation is different, but the changes in our world recently have made the newest generation far different than any other in history. Be a part of our conversation as we discuss what it might look like to adapt our preaching to meet the needs of these new hearers.
 1. Introduction / Recognizing the Youth in the Midst of Our Congregations
  2. Getting to Know our Youth / Helping Youth See Themselves in the Story
  3. What is at Stake in our Sermons
  4. Strategies for Preaching to Youth
  5. Engaging Pop Culture in our Preaching


The Bible in Proclamation (July 2009)

How do we use our sermons to speak about the Scriptures in a way that opens up the Word to our hearers? How do we teach a Reformation-centered understanding of biblical authority through our preaching? Join a lively conversation about the Bible in proclamation.
  1. Introduction / The Bible Matters
  2. The Bible Shaping our Lives and Proclamation
  3. Taking Scripture Seriously as a Way of Being in the World
  4. Walter Sundberg, 2 Timothy 3:16
  5. Daniel Simundson, Genesis 9:8-17
  6. Diane Jacobson, Psalm 126


Preaching the Parables (April 2009)

"The kingdom of God is like...." Parables offer rich and imaginative insights into the kingdom Jesus preached. To preach them faithfully, however, we need to avoid making them into simplistic analogies or fables. Join a conversation about strategies for bringing Jesus' parables to life in the sermon.
1. What is a parable?
2. How does a parable work?
3. Common pitfalls when preaching parables.
4. How do we interpret parables?
5. Sermon: Thomas Long
6. Sermon: Matthew Skinner
7. Sermon: Anna Carter-Florence


Preaching Difficult Texts (Jan. 2009)

Let's admit it – some texts are just plain hard. Join several biblical and preaching faculty talk honestly about the challenges and opportunities of preaching difficult texts.
 1. Introduction / What Makes A Text Difficult
  2. Approaching Difficult Texts
  3. Strategies For Embracing Difficult Texts
  4. Terence Fretheim, Song of Solomon 8:6-7, 11-14 and Isaiah 5:1-7
  5. Mary Hinkle Shore, Matthew 15:21-28
  6. David Lose, Mark 10:17-27
  7. Karoline Lewis, Ezekiel 34:11-16, 20-24
  8. Conclusion


Preaching the Gospel (Oct. 2008)

All preaching should be about the gospel, right? Yes, but there's more to it than that. Join Rolf Jacobson and David Lose explore preaching the gospel as a second – and vital – kind of truth-telling in the sermon.
 1. Introduction
  2. Breathing New Life into the Law/Gospel Dynamic
  3. Rolf Jacobson, Mark 2:21-22
  4. Sarah Henrich, Luke 1:67-79
  5. Matthew Skinner, Genesis 28:10-19
  6. David Lose, Luke 24:13-35
  7. Conclusion


Telling the Story (April 2008)

The biblical writers knew how to tell stories - stories that are effective literarily and rhetorically and are deeply important theologically. As preachers we might forget the power of these stories because we know them so well - and have since Sunday School - but for some in the pew these biblical stories are unfamiliar.



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